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I am a research analyst experienced in conducting qualitative, statistical analyses and quantitative, interpretive analyses. As an undergraduate research assistant, I led research projects on the intersectional oppression of mothers with postpartum depression, sexism in the dating culture, the relationship between citizenship rights, race and gender, multiculturalism on campuses and racialized youth programming. I transitioned my work into action-research – mobilizing the critical lens my sociological training affords me and the tools to make a difference. I have been pre-occupied with Black empowerment, Black feminism, Black masculinity and decolonial pedagogy; celebrating and instituting value for my identities and others relegated to the margins, whilst, dabbling in projects on popular music and the dating culture to assuage my creative side

My master’s degree ‘Rap and Modern Love: Intimate Masculinity’ sought to enliven inquiry into the intimate lives of black men. I conducted a qualitative, thematic analysis of the non-hypermasculine expressions of black men toward women in mainstream rap songs. Considering my findings, I coined the concept of Intimate Masculinity that I argue, can serve as a working framework to investigate, and signify the emotional diversity of black men.

For my doctoral project, I prioritize the voices and agencies of Black men to join, Black feminist efforts in eradicating the colonial dehumanization of African bodies racialized, enslaved, and exploited as “Black” I intend to uncover that diverse men racialized as Black within Canada, in their day to day lives elevate themselves and empower society at large. Ultimately, countering the perpetual demonization and marginalization of Black men in western scholarship and mainstream media. Instead of adhering to the academic tradition of addressing the ‘problems’ imposed on and experienced by Black men, I am on a quest to demonstrate that the contributions by Black men and their Black female co-conspirators are and have been indispensable to the Canadian social fabric. I stand with Black Lives Matter Movements, dedicating this work to unifying and complexifying Black Canadians and the knowledge produced about us.