The Decolonial Perspectives & Pratises Hub

The Decolonial Perspectives and Practises Hub is a coalition of QTBIPOC practitioners and advocates. We are an established mobile space and community. We advance decolonial pedagogy within higher education, organizations and diverse communities. Our offerings include anti-racist, decolonial and pedagogical consultancy, workshop design, event facilitation and multi-media activism. We also sponsor community/institutional initiatives and guest speakers that celebrate the experiences and knowledge of Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, Asian and other peoples of colour. With our horizontal and collaborative model, we empower members to be active actors of change and commit to anti-oppressive practices personally and professionally. We root our engagement with others, our syllabus structures and methodologies in the battle against euro/western/white supremacy.

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My desire to co-create The Decolonial Perspective and Practises Hub came from my feeling of invisibility and marginality throughout my academic career. Too often, coursework overrepresented people like me as marginalized, oppressed and enslaved.  For me, decolonial pedagogy is the process of disrupting this euro-western gaze of knowledge by questioning how we think, be, learn and engage with one another differently and with care - a pluralistic approach.