February 24, 2022

Decolonization is not a metaphor

McGill’s first panel on Decolonizing Approaches to Research tackles important questions and presents methods for liberating research from colonial theory and practice

Meaghan Thurston

McGill Reporter

May 17, 2021


Awarded annually to the women graduate students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the university or general community while maintaining exemplary academic records.


Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada

September 2, 2020

A new network by Black graduate students, for Black graduate students, launches this week

With the unveiling of its website on September 4, the National Black Graduate Network officially starts its work to connect and support Black graduate students across Canada

Laura Beaulne-Stuebing

University Affairs

July 19, 2020

The Network: Behind the Scenes

Did you know that there is a Black Doctoral Network stationed in Wilmington, North Carolina forging black solidarity in America? “Why don’t we have something like this in Canada?

Jamilah Dei-Sharpe

National Black Graduate Network Blog

June 16, 2020

Faculty Among Thousands Calling for Action on Anti-Black Racism at Concordia

A statement demanding Concordia take action on systemic anti-Black racism at the university has been signed by nearly 7,000 Concordians...

Markus Bankuti

The Link Newspaper

March 20, 2018

The Rest of the Story

Jamila[h] DS shares with us how a professor influenced her life course and her multiple past research experiences concerning minority youth, postpartum depression groups, racial identification and minority status in different multicultural settings

Johnny Bee

Best, Concordia Podcast

April 5, 2017

UTM in the community: Sociology symposium showcases student research

Students from U of T Mississauga’s sociology, criminology and law and society courses showcased their research at an experiential learning symposium

Blake Eligh

University of Toronto, Mississauga News

February 22, 2022

‘Decolonizing Approaches to Research’ tackles whitewashing and Eurocentrism in research

Dei-Sharpe detailed the predatory relationship that often exists between researchers and racialized participants. She referenced “dehumanizing and exploitative [research] practices”

Anoushka Oke


April 19, 2021

LAUNCHED: A database of anti-racist educational videos and learning materials

PhD student Jamilah Dei-Sharpe’s project addresses the lack of resources tackling systemic racism and discrimination in schools

Kelsey Rolfe

Concordia University

July 19, 2020

Our Experiences are Truth: Anecdotes from Black Graduates and Students of Black Studies

Here it is [...] what do you like and find challenging about being black graduate students and/or engaging in black studies? You know, the engaging post I promised you

Jamilah Dei-Sharpe

National Black Graduate Network

July 3, 2020

Concordian Jamilah is recognized for her role in creating the National Black Graduate Network

Black scholars have been demanding equitable space within academic institutions for decades — and the most recent wave of protests against anti-Black racism has brought a renewed focus to this ongoing struggle...

Candice Pye

Concordia University News

June 17, 2019

Rap and Modern Love: The Expression of Intimate Masculinity in Mainstream Rap

To enliven inquiry into the intimate lives of black men I conducted a qualitative, thematic analysis of the non-hypermasculine expressions of black men toward women in mainstream rap songs.

Jamilah Dei-Sharpe

Concordia University

May 14, 2017

Where are the Mothers' Groups? A Pilot Study in Toronto

This article examines mothering groups from a sociological perspective by surveying
their intended and unintended effects on society.

Jamilah Dei-Sharpe & Maleeha Iqbal

The Society: Uoft Sociology & Criminilogy Undergraduate Review

African American woman with raised fist participating in black civil rights demonstrations

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