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The Anti-Racist Pedagogy Project

The Anti-Racist Pedagogy Project is a public database of anti-racist, and social justice-centred educational materials by faculty, staff, students, and community activists;  housed at the Centre for Teaching & Learning landing page at Concordia University Check it out!


This project showcases how educators and activists have been responding to Covid19 and the ongoing crisis of systemic racism. Each video historicizes and offers proactive techniques for combatting systemic oppression, racism, and other injustices within and beyond the classroom. Along with a guided resource link list to direct the audience to learn and participate further, offline.

This platform is interactive. All our speakers can be requested for live Q&As and lectures. We recruit student interns and research assistants that are interested in social justice work. 

This is a collaborative project between The Decolonial Hub and Simone de Beauvoir Institute at Concordia University - Supervised by Dr. Kimberley Manning


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Team Members

Simone Lucas l Barbara Saldana l Sandra Mouafo