I respond to crises with proactive strategies to transform and invoke change. As an anti-racist, and decolonial advocate, my main pre-occupations are combatting anti-Black racism and euro-white supremacy. We, the teams, collaborators, and allies that I work with, are all dedicated to privileging the experiences and needs of racialized Black peoples, Afro-Caribbean’s alike – who have been too often neglected, excluded, and disparaged by social, and institutional constraints. In complementary ways, my initiatives strive to cultivate safe(r) spaces, opportunities, and resources for Black communities and celebrate Black knowledge. As a Ghanaian-Jamaican Canadian woman, Black empowerment is both my personal and professional joy – grounding my research methodologies, my self-development, and my knack to love, co-conspire with and uplift diverse communities that I am entangled with.

Protest March Signs

Black Studies Collective@ Concordia

The Black Studies Collective at Concordia has been galvanizing multi-stakeholders to institutionalize Black Studies at Concordia University. We co-design conferences, events and mobilize students, faculty, and staff to celebrate and share their contributions to Black Studies. After joining my colleagues in drafting the Concordia Statement for Black Lives in tandem with the 2020 BLM movements, the President’s Anti-Racist Taskforce was established.

Anti-Black Racism Taskforce @ Concordia

The Black faculty-student-led taskforce collects data and devises action-plans to meet the needs for Black Concordians. In response, my colleagues and I, developed the Concordia Black Caucus – an advisory body of Black Concordians dedicated to sourcing Black needs and voices for the President’s Taskforce and upholding administrative support. I sit on the President's Taskforce as the Black Caucus coordinator.

The National Black Graduate Network

To maintain Black empowerment and celebration at large – I co-developed an online platform for Black graduate students and students of Black studies to collaborate, share resources, mentor and build solidarity across the country. The National Black Graduate Network offers the connectivity my colleagues and I have longed for in our academic careers. As an executive of the Black Canadian Studies Association from 2019-2021, I have been able to propel my efforts for Black empowerment on a macro-scale – where I worked with a dream-team of Black studies faculty, researchers and students across the country to maintain a culture against anti-Black racism and towards Black enrichment, multidisciplinary and cross-human care.