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Academic Work


SOCI404  | Sociology of Intersectional Feminism, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON
LOYC 298-02 | Black in Montreal, Concordia University, Montreal, QC
SOCI/ANTH 230 | Race and Ethnic Relations, Concordia University, Montreal QC

Forthcoming Publications

Dei-Sharpe, Jamilah, and Marc Lafrance. Under Review. “Black Men and Emotional

Expression: Understanding Intimate Masculinities in Mainstream Rap”. The Forgotten Realities

of Men. University of British Columbia Press. 

Dei-Sharpe, Jamilah, and Dr. Kimberely Manning. Under Review. “Reworlding Canadian

Universities by Building Coalitions with and Accountability for Student Leaders”. Feministing in

Political Science. University of Alberta Press.

Dei-Sharpe, Jamilah., Hadjara S., Jessica F., Kirsten C., Ezgi O., & Nathalie J. Under Review.

“Addressing Biases through Decoloniality in STEM: A Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue.” Handbook

on Equity-Oriented, Discipline-Based STEM Education Research. Springer Nature.

Dei-Sharpe, Jamilah., and Ezgi Ozyonum. Under Review. ‘Beyond Equity: A Case of Student-

led Activism in a Canadian (Quebec) University’ Handbook on Diversity, Inclusion, and

Indigenous Education: Crisis and Change Leadership. Bloomsbury Publishing.

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Featured Conference Presentation

‘Cultivating an Aspiring Decolonial Pedagogy within the Academy’

(CIES) Comparative and International Education Society Conference 2022 Illuminating the
Power of Idea/llsm (April 2022)

*Now Playing

Equitable classrooms: integrating anti-racist pedagogy into your course

Closing Plenary | January 14, 2022

Hosted by: Dawson College Intercollegiate Ped, Days 2022

​In this session, I present strategies for integrating anti-racist, representational and critical educational materials into the classroom by showcasing the Antiracist Pedagogy Project's video database.

Awards & Funding

My work is made possible through the support, collaborations and funding from generous sponsors, invigorating teams, and dedicated mentors.


Students as Educational Innovators Award

The Students as Educational Innovators Award is awarded for the promotion of academic excellence and the use of innovative pedagogies.


Graduate Student Award of Merit

Established to recognize women that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their University and the community.


Project Funding

Funding provided to Concordia students and researchers to help contribute knowledge for a more equitable, sustainable society.


Carolyn & Richard Renaud Scholarship

The Carolyn and Richard Renaud Scholarship is bestowed upon students who are progressing pedagogy in impactful ways.


Graduate Community Building Fund

Funding provided for projects that improve the wellness of the target community, is led by students, contributes to the professional development of students and benefits the Concordia community.


MA Sociology Graduate with Great Distinction

Graduated with academic honours and a CGPA of great distinction.


Joseph-Armand Bombardier Doctoral Scholarship

The Joseph-Armand Bombardier Doctoral Scholarship supports the development of research skills and assists in the training of the Ph.D program.


Susan Russell Memorial Graduate Award

Awarded to graduate students in sociology with the values exemplified by the late Professor Susan Russell.


HBA (Sociology Specialist) Graduate with High Distinction

Graduated with academic honours and CGPA of high distinction.


Dean's List Scholar

Dean's list for high cumulative grade point average.

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