Akepe Nawo & Welcome

(Akepe Nawo means Thank You in Evgbe. The indigenous language of the Ewe people of West Africa)

Hello! My name is Jamilah Dei-Sharpe. I am a Ph.D. Candidate of Sociology, specializing in Black Canadian and African Diasporic Histories, Critical Gender Studies and Education Research on Decolonizing. My research is supported by the SSHRC Joseph Armand Bombardier award for my doctoral study, “Black Masculinities in Canada: Multimedia Research on Black Men and Gender Advocacy.” I am a passionate Ghanaian-Jamaican-Black-Canadian researcher, scholar and educational consultant that supports students, educators, institutions, and organizations that value Black lives and marginalized knowledges and adopt creative and sustainable approaches to equitable learning.

Current Projects

I work with teams, organizations and community members that are invested in transformative and anti-oppressive teaching strategies, student development, sociological research or coalition building. 


My work is made possible through the support, collaborations and funding from generous sponsors, invigorating teams, and dedicated mentors.

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My doctoral project, Black Masculinities in Canada: A Documentary of Black Empowerment and Community Engagement, is supported in part by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

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